Call for Papers

Only poster presentations are accepted for your presentations. Oral presentations are only for invited speakers internally determined by Technical program committee members. All poster presenters who will attend the poster session in ISATE2015 are kindly requested to work together in groups during the symposium in order to encourage more active communication as well as develop friendship. All applicants (i.e., invited oral speakers and poster presenters) are required to submit full papers within 6 pages and the papers are reviewed by Technical program committee members before the acceptance for publications.

Topics for the poster session
(1)Education Research & Practice(教育研究・工学教育)
a. Student Motivation
b. Learning Style
c. Learning Psychology
d. Learning Tools and Effectiveness
e. Education for Life-long Learning
f. Teaching / Learning in the 21st Century
g. Teaching Tools and Effectiveness
h. Learning Environment and its impact in Teaching and Learning
(2)Teaching and Learning(教育方法論)
a. Pedagogy & Learning
b. Learning Design and Teaching Strategies
c. Multi-disciplinary Curriculum
d. Curriculum and Program Design
e. Assessment for and Assessment of Learning
f. Students' Roles in Teaching & Learning Advances
g. Workshop Training and Practices in Education
h. Teaching Entrepreneurships
(3)Professional Development of Teachers(教育改善・FD)
a. Career Planning and Development of Teachers
b. Continuous Education for Teachers
c. Motivation of Teachers
d. Industry Exposure of Teachers
e. International Exposure for Teachers
f. Capability Development of Teachers
g. Teachers' Training
(4)Educational Models and Approaches(教育モデルと実践)
a. Educational Systems
b. Active Learning
c. Problem-based Learning
d. Flipped Classes
e. CDIO Model
f. Teaching Factory Educational Model
g. Action Research
h. Other Models and Approaches
(5)Industry and Multiple Institutions Collaboration(産官学連携・国際交流)
a. Industry Partnership
b. Student Internship
c. Teacher and Student Exchanges for Technology Exchange and /or
  Cross Cultural Understanding
d. International Exchange Program and its Development
e. Multiple Institutions Collaboration
f. Joint Educational Centre
g. Social Collaboration in Education
All poster presenters should also attend the tutorial and workshop. Please refer to the themes of the tutorial and workshop indicated below. There are 4 themes planned for the tutorial and workshop. From the submission page, please specify which two themes you would like to attend.
Themes for the Tutorial and Workshop
Theme 1: Study abroad, Internship, Multiple collaboration
Theme 2: Active Learning
Theme 3: PBL(Problem based learning, Project based learning)
Theme 4: Cross-cultural understanding, Global human resources
Please note these key dates:
Abstracts due
15 May 2015
Notification of acceptance
15 June 2015
Paper submission deadline
15 July 2015
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